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It is now available as a stand-alone hand held tool. It is powered by

230 volts with a heating capacity of approx. 1000Watts,

or as an extension to the successfully launched Inductor Energy CE.



This helps in the removal or installation of metal hardware or parts without having to use a torch, or worry about melting plastic.


The Mini- Ductor Coil Kit no. MCK-99 comes with eight pre-formed coils, with an I.D. ranging from 3/4" to 1-3/4".




  • Power supply 230 volts ac,
  • Output power 1000Watt
  • Portable/ hand held
  • Storage case with custom foam inserts
  • One U-form coil
  • One 7/8" Pre-form coil
  • One bearing buddy coil
  • Instruction Manual


Body: Reinforced heat stabilized thermoplastic housing provides for increased durability, covered terminals for superior safety protection, improved ergonomics with a grenade grip handle, and work area illuminated (LED).


The Mini-Ductor CE is an exceptionally cost effective tool with regard to its purchase price, durability and use. The tool may also significantly reduce your contents insurance premium because using the Mini-Ductor CE eliminates the need for gas cannisters,etc in the workplace. This in itself instantly makes the Mini-Ductor CE a worthwhile investment.